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We open on Friday 28th May and close on Monday September 6th, 2021



Advance Bookings must be for 3 NIGHTS or longer in the main seasons. Cancellation Plan (£1/nt) only available at time of booking.

***If you wish to book 2 or more pitches at the same time you can do so. Simply complete the first booking and you will be asked if you want to book a second pitch.***  

IMPORTANT! - If you are new to camping with an electric hook-up facility you should read this article.

You CANNOT use a standard 13 amp "square" plug like you use at home to connect to our hook-ups.

Wireless internet access now available (most of the time... due to relatively slow broadband speed!)

at a small charge - details here.

“The Small Print”

To ensure everyone’s enjoyment please consider the following before booking... If you or any member of your party are unwilling to conform to the following simple rules, or are looking for a different social atmosphere, we respectfully request you make a booking at another site.

Change over time is 12 noon so it can be busy on peak weekends!

Latest arrival: NO new arrivals after 10pm.

Single-sex bookings of 3 or more people are not allowed.  Family members ok!

Quiet please: No radios, TV, etc. after 10.30pm. No swearing!

Please be thoughtful during the day and our long term policy of “No noise after 11pm” means exactly that! (Most visitors are in bed by 10pm!)

BBQs: On legs or disposable are fine (ask at Reception for bricks to sit it on). Open fires, fire baskets, braziers, etc are disallowed.

Dogs: Most breeds welcome however we do reserve the right to refuse admission to some breeds in addition to those listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) including Rottweilers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Irresponsible owners are to blame for this move, so please phone for details if you are concerned. If you have a dog that is boisterous or has a bark or character that may accidentally upset other visitors 2 or 4 legged then for everyone’s enjoyment, perhaps consider leaving your pet with a friend or in kennels? On a cautionary note guests are politely advised that a ‘zero tolerance’ policy exists in respect of dog related offences committed on site, our dogs’ policy exists for both the safety and comfort of everyone and must be strictly adhered to. All contraventions will result in guests being required to leave immediately, furthermore the management team will not hesitate to assist in prosecuting irresponsible owners where appropriate.

If you are not happy to have your dog tied up/on a lead whilst on site, please do not bring your pet with you. Please do not leave them unattended, pick up any "whoopsies" and exercise off site.

BB Guns are not allowed.

There are three ways in which you can book. Phone and postal bookings require a deposit ofr £50 per pitch. (Non-refundable but deducted in full from site fees payable on arrival.) NO money will be refunded for any reason - if this is a concern you should take out travel insurance independently or consider the Cancellation Plan on the online booking form.



Use the ONLINE BOOKING option on the next page to get an instant quote for your desired dates...


Cheques are no longer accepted on arrival.

So please have cash or debit/credit card handy.

We will continue to accept cheques for deposits.

PLEASE PHONE 01626 864411 8.30am - 9pm WITH ANY ENQUIRIES!

(If un-attended please leave a message on the answerphone (out of season) and we will be in touch!)

Yes, I accept the above and wish to make a booking!

OPTIONAL CANCELLATION PLAN (Only available at the time of booking)
Unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary for you to cancel your booking. No refunds are given, except under the terms of the cancellation plan. The plan costs £1 per night for touring caravan, motor home/campervan and tent pitches. Our cancellation plan must be taken out at time of booking and covers your entire party up to 24 hours before your holiday commences against cancellation due to (a) Redundancy or jury service of a member of the party, (b) Accident, injury, illness or death of a member of the party or of a close relative of a member of the party, (c) Pregnancy of a member of the party or close relation. Leadstone Camping’s decision on all claims will be final. We guarantee to refund the full amount of monies paid to Leadstone Camping under this scheme (excluding plan fee). Please give as much notice as possible and provide the appropriate authoritative document as confirmation of your reason for cancellation, i.e. Doctor’s Note, Redundancy Notice or Death Certificate qualifying for statutory payment. Fax/photocopies are not acceptable. This supporting evidence should be sent to us by recorded delivery. Adverse weather conditions are not covered by this plan. You can only take out this plan at the time of booking. Claims outside the specified reasons for cancellation cannot be entertained. The cancellation plan fee is non-refundable.

We reserve the right to re-let your pitch if you fail to arrive by 6.00pm on the day of your arrival.