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“What do you do in the winter?” If I could have a pound for every time I’ve been asked that! Well last winter (2011) I came across a great little part-time business which I am pleased to tell you about here. I am an authorised distributor at the Utility Warehouse Discount Club and I’m a customer of theirs too. Every penny counts and that statement has never been more powerful than it is in today’s economy.  As a customer you get GREAT SAVINGS and I get a commission for each sale I make AND a commission every month - "residual income".  If you want to save money every week like I do then please read on…
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NOTE: You can sign up right away if you wish at www.LoveMyBills.co.uk – it is very simple to start making savings! If you prefer to chat about it first then please contact me on 07747 773596.

PS. Take a peek at how much I saved... August and September 2012 savings

Member Benefits

As a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, you SAVE...

  • Single supplier for all your utilities
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Value that's unbeatable
  • Easy to switch

For full details of the Utility Warehouse see www.LoveMyBills.co.uk


The benefits of Discount Club membership

  • Award-winning customer service
  • All of your services on one monthly statement – simple, convenient and easier to budget
  • Guaranteed savings on gas and electricity - compared to the average of the cheapest non-contract tariffs from the ‘Big 6’ suppliers
  • £200 to help you switch – when you switch your Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile to the Utility Warehouse, they’ll give you up to £200 towards any termination fees you have to pay your current providers.
  • The UK’s most generous CashBack card – save 3% to 7% on your shopping at leading retailers. CashBack is automatically credited on your Utility Warehouse monthly statement.
  • No minimum contract term on most of our products and services
  • Refer a friend and get shopping vouchers
  • The UK’s cheapest online shopping – find the cheapest price for any item with the Utility Warehouse’s exclusive search engine, ‘Findmethecheapest’
  • CashBack and savings at over 2,000 online retailers
  • Bill Protector - £10,000 of accidental death cover and six months payment of your utility bills if you are unable to work through no fault of your own, for an optional monthly payment of just £2
  • Freephone customer service support

For full details of Utility Warehouse customer benefits see www.LoveMyBills.co.uk.


Other benefits of being a Discount Club member include:

  • Savings on everyday shopping and petrol
  • UK’s cheapest online shopping
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Refer a friend – earn an extra discount – every month!
  • One bill for all your services

CashBack card

  • Save 25% on your household bills every month, by shopping – ask how! See my bills here
  • The Utility Warehouse CashBack card – available exclusively to members of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club – enables you to earn CashBack on all your shopping at thousands of stores throughout the UK.
  • Earn CashBack on all your shopping at leading participating retailers, including Sainsbury's, M&S, Argos, Bhs, B&Q, Boots, JJB Sports, Debenhams, Homebase, Mothercare, New Look and TGI Fridays! CashBack is in addition to any sale prices, coupons or special offers in-store or online.
  • CashBack appears as a credit on your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.
  • The Utility Warehouse CashBack card is a unique card that gives you  CashBack on shopping and fuel at Sainsbury’s, food and clothing at M&S, DIY, health and beauty products, household and electrical goods at thousands of stores across the UK – ask me for full details!
  • The Utility Warehouse Cash Back card can make a massive difference to you – it could save you hundreds of pounds a year. There’s no limit to the amount of CashBack you can earn. Utility Warehouse customers are regularly making savings of 25% on their household bills, simply by shopping!
  • Simply top up your Utility Warehouse CashBack card with the amount of money you choose, then use it like any normal debit card and get  CashBack at thousands of leading retail outlets across the UK, including Sainsbury's, M&S, Argos, Bhs, B&Q, Boots, Debenhams, Homebase, Mothercare, New Look and TGI Fridays! You can even add cards for other family members and multiply your savings! CashBack appears as a credit on your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.
  • Topping up your CashBack card is easy, and you have complete control over your money at all times. You can’t spend more than you put on the card, so it’s easy to budget and you can control your spending. And there’s no minimum term contract on the card!

For full terms and conditions about the CashBack card visit https://www.LoveMyBills.co.uk .

The Income - just like me, you could build a residual income!

  • How many people do you know who use the phone, switch on a light, turn on the oven or use the internet? The Utility Warehouse is not asking people to spend extra money on services they do not normally use, they are simply offering the same services but with one major difference - they offer far better value! You will be tapping into a market where people and businesses are already spending many billions of £’s a year.
  • Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating or surf the net, you could be getting paid.
  • Take a closer look at this second income opportunity here: www.AGreatLittleBusiness.co.uk

This is an independent website and not the official website of the Utility Warehouse. For the most up to date information, visit: www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/savesomemakesome


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